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Vested Interest Trading

Vested Interest Trading is a Fair Trade Business


Vested Interest Trading sources its products ethically and employs

With production levels of mass manufacturing rising more than ever, the incredibly expensive costs of exporting goods from Indonesia are making it harder and more difficult for local craftsmen to sustain themselves

Exports of goods like jewelry and textiles to Western countries that once brought a decent living but are now made in China and exported at a lower price Vested Interest Trading supports the quality of life, the livelihood and protection of the Balinese culture

Fair Trade is an international social movement that enables producers in developing countries to achieve better working and trading This is done by improving social and environmental standards in the workplace as well as encouraging sustainable farming The Fair Trade movement focuses on products that are usually exported from countries in the developing world to

Why is

Fair Trade, especially in Bali has the primary objective to empower and support Fair Trade’s rules guarantee an income that is sustainable, giving employees opportunity for advancement and assistance in a safe working environment, implementing environmentally sustainable practices, and being open to public accountability, and creating long-term trade relations

Making purchases from

You are supporting the creation opportunities for farmers that are economically poor Fair Trade organization is dedicated to reducing poverty and sustainable growth and development for the local population

You are in support of the ongoing efforts to achieve equality and gender equity In the world of Fair Trade vendors, a large emphasis is placed on making sure that women’s work is as properly recognized and appreciated as is men’s

You help to support the fight against the exploitation of children as well as Fair trade companies provide safe and healthy working conditions for their employees

In purchasing Fair Trade products, you are part of an exchange that operates from a place of profound respect and reverence for old traditional practices as well as The Fair Trade organization helps producers to improve their local knowledge so that they can safeguard their unique culture

You agree to pay a fair amount This is done through dialogue and participation of It will pay for the production costs, but also allow artisans to be part of the production process that is both environmentally and socially

Fair Trade vendors can also make sure that they pay suppliers, and if they can, assist producers in obtaining

You are committed to the protection and use of the land for future generations Fair Trade vendors learn to sustainably manage their local resources Vendors are extremely close to their producers When they can, they pick areas with high biodiversity so that they can develop products that don’t harm the land, but rather enhance

You can participate in an international dialogue and revolution in Fair Trade practices are put implemented to promote the exchange of knowledge and understanding between consumers and the communities in the developing world

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Business Name:

Vested Interest Trading


1407 Main St N
Callander Ontario P0H 1H0



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