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Report On City Hall Is Given To The Amarillo City Council, And The Parks Department Awards Grants Totalling $29,500 To Deserving Organizations

The Parks Department has granted grants totaling $29,500 to deserving applicants.

After receiving an update on its proposal to rebuild the former Amarillo Hardware Building into a new home for city hall, the Amarillo City Council approved it. The update included concept designs for the $35 million project, which included 130,000 square feet of development space.

In his statement to the council, Jerry Danforth, the city’s Facilities Manager, explained how the project’s current status of evaluating contractor proposals was coming along so far. It was his intention to show concept drawings that reflected how the construction would look, while also emphasizing that many aspects of the proposed city hall could change in the future.

Danforth indicated that the plan is to look 15 to 20 years into the future to determine what the city hall will require in the meanwhile. He stated that they are now working on two new features that will have a significant impact on the general public’s daily lives.

One is the addition of two to three drive-thru lanes on the building’s side, which according to studies could reduce foot traffic within city hall by roughly 80 percent. On the first floor, he expects to see the vast majority of public activity, which he estimates to be approximately 85 percent.

In addition, Danforth stated, “This allows us to give better public service to the public, which results in improved convenience for the people we serve.”

It was brought up that the council chambers should be able to accommodate more flexible seating options rather than only the permanent stadium seating that is now in place. The existing Amarillo Hardware sign, which will be visible from downtown, will also be renovated and made available to the city for official purposes. There is a possibility that the current lights will be converted to multicolor, allowing them to be used for a wider range of events and seasons around the city.

“The most significant message is that we are being as aggressive as we possibly can, with the idea that we want to decrease expenses as much as we possibly can,” said Jared Miller, the city manager of Amarillo, in a statement.

Mayor Ginger Nelson interjected, noting that the present city hall had experienced another boiler failure the previous week, which may have jeopardized the city’s ability to do business and prompted her to intervene.

Grants for the creation of murals

The Beautification and Public Arts Advisory Board awarded $29,500 to seven proposed murals across the city on Tuesday, according to other recent news from the city. Three of the murals will be located in northwest Amarillo, with the remaining murals being located across the city.

Blank Spaces, a student-run organization that has produced a number of murals throughout the city, will complete five of the murals that have been ordered by the city. The board of directors has the authority to sponsor any proposed initiative with up to $6,000 in funds. These initiatives must be based on a revenue-generating structure, and ideas must be submitted to the board and approved by the city before they can be implemented.

Any more suggestions from Tuesday’s city hall meeting will be included as soon as they are made public.

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